Detailed asbestos disposal procedure

Are you replacing a roof, renovating a house, apartment building or building and have you come across asbestos? Contact us with confidence. We carry out professional disposal of all types of asbestos-containing materials throughout the country for companies and individuals, both indoors and outdoors.

1. Non-binding calculation

It includes the price for asbestos removal, all permits, documentation, administrative fees as well as the removal and disposal of asbestos/ethernite at the hazardous waste landfill.

2. The contract

Will include preliminary dates for the start and completion of asbestos removal.

3. Authorities

We will approve the plan of work at the relevant regional public health protection authority and obtain a hazardous waste management permit from the district office - Department of Environmental Protection. You should allow up to 30 days to obtain all permits.

4. Asbestos on the roof

In the case of disposal of eternit roofing, we most often dispose of the roofs of family houses in the range of 200 to 300 m2. Dismantling such a roof takes from 3 to 4 days.

5. Controlled zone

We will create a controlled zone on the site, where only workers in special protective clothing with respirators will have access. Indoors, we carry out work in an airtight building, where a vacuum is created and asbestos dust is extracted.

6. Asbestos stabilisation

Before dismantling, asbestos is stabilized by a special spray that is applied with high-pressure airless equipment to prevent the release of fibres during dismantling.

7. Asbestos storage

Dismantled asbestos is carefully stored in impermeable bags with the inscription "ATTENTION ASBESTOS".

8. Protection of property

In the case of removal of old asbestos roofing, we coordinate the work associated with the installation of a new roof so that your property is protected from the weather during the roof renovation.

9. Asbestos in the interior

After completing the interior work, we will use a special preparation that will remove all the leaked fibres from the air. Then we clean the interior from asbestos fibres using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters with an efficiency of more than 99%.

10. Measurement of the presence of asbestos

After completion of the interior work, we will provide control measurement and analysis of the air sample in a certified laboratory.

11. Disposal of hazardous waste

We provide removal and disposal of asbestos at the nearest hazardous waste landfill.

12. Documents

We will provide you with all the documents that are necessary, for example, for the approval of the property. Detailed documentation of the course of the order is archived in our company, e.g. for the purpose of future inspections by the authorities.

13. Our responsibility

We guarantee that once our work is finished, the environment will remain free of the smallest particles of asbestos and fit for everyday life or work.

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