Asbestos disposal in industry

Quality without compromise. The greatest risk of asbestos contamination is represented by the maintenance and renovation of public and industrial buildings in the construction of which asbestos has been used. We take responsibility for the perfect removal of asbestos, even in the challenging conditions of industrial buildings. We will give you an area cleaned of the smallest asbestos fibres.


How do we deal with asbestos disposal in industrial buildings?

Preparatory stage

Finding the presence of asbestos materials in a standard way, i.e. from the original design documentation or even by physically inspecting the building, may often not be sufficient. Therefore, we recommend carrying out a construction-technical survey and a survey of the actual state of the building in order to accurately determine the extent and composition of the materials and structures used.

Asbestos disposal

We also carry out construction-technical surveys during the operation of the building and our own disposal of asbestos from building structures. Work related to the removal of asbestos material is carried out gradually according to the technological plan, depending on the work procedure of the authorized asbestos management company, which is subject to the control of the Regional Public Health Office, which performs the control function.

Safety is a priority

Our industrial and commercial customers appreciate strict compliance with all occupational health and safety regulations. In our work, we place great emphasis on compliance with the work procedure, internal company regulations, organizational guidelines of the customer and agreed contractual conditions.

Consistent decontamination

After completion of the work, we decontaminate the area where the asbestos remediation took place using high-performance vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. Finally, we perform the final control measurement of the concentration of respirable fibres.

Free consultation

We set the price based on m2 and the complexity of asbestos within industrial buildings.

Just contact us and we will prepare a non-binding price estimate tailored to your needs.

The price depends on the need to build auxiliary scaffolding, building cladding or distance from the nearest hazardous waste dump.

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Asbestos is most common in industrial buildings.


Interior partitions and ceilings

Portable objects / Portacabins

Fire-resistant coatings of metal structures

Sealing of boilers and technological equipment

Cable trays



During the work, we strictly pay attention to the protection of the health of people around the workplace, where professional dismantling and disposal of asbestos-containing materials takes place.

Construction-technical survey

All potentially hazardous materials should be examined before renovating a building. The owner of the building is responsible for this. Pre-rehabilitation surveys are part of the EU legislation on asbestos removal and management – Directive 2009/148/EC.

References from our customers

Serious and fast, quality and professionally done.
Ján Jozefek, EURSTREAM
Professional approach, compliance with agreements.


Other services


Asbestos disposal on the roof

Asbestos-containing roofing material can be found in the form of corrugated or smooth roofing material in different colours. In addition to roofs, asbestos-containing roofing material can also be placed as a cladding on the facades of houses.

Interior asbestos disposal

Interior, Dupron partitions, insulating panels in partitions and ceilings, soffits or tiles. Asbestos is most often found indoors in older buildings - offices, schools, kindergartens or hostels.

Disposal of Curtain Wall

Facade or Curtain Wall or light cladding system of buildings. It occurs mainly in public buildings, civic amenities, hospitals, schools or kindergartens.

Construction-technical survey

Beware, asbestos often hides under other surfaces, paints or linings. During the operation of the building, air sampling and samples of questionable materials are also carried out.

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