Frequently asked questions about the disposal of asbestos roofs

The price depends on the amount of m2 of asbestos to be removed, the need for scaffolding, the cladding of the building, the need for special extraction equipment or the distance to the nearest hazardous waste landfill. The price already includes all permits, documentation and administrative fees for the regional sanitary station. Contact us and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation tailored to your requirements.

Sometimes it happens that during various renovation works you come across asbestos and need to dispose of it. The law provides for a 30-day period for obtaining a special permit for the professional dismantling of asbestos-containing materials. As part of our services, we provide all the necessary permits.

Contamination of products in your garden could only occur if the asbestos material is handled improperly. Professional disposal of asbestos cannot lead to undesirable contamination of the surroundings. Before dismantling, we always stabilize the asbestos surface to prevent asbestos fibres from leaking and endangering people and the surrounding environment. The penetration spray we use is not toxic. After completing our work, you do not have to worry about any dangers. We take asbestos to a hazardous waste landfill in airtight bags labelled as hazardous waste

Definitely never start to dispose of an old asbestos roof yourself or entrust it to an unlicensed company. A company that does not have a licence to dispose of asbestos does not have the opportunity to dispose of waste. In the case of removal to a landfill, you run the risk of criminal complaint for improper handling, handling and disposal of hazardous waste. Landfills for hazardous waste will only accept specially packaged and labelled asbestos from a licensed and qualified company. Worst of all, the prescribed working procedures that are necessary for the safe disposal of asbestos are not followed. Asbestos dust is released into the air and its surroundings, which you cannot get rid of without specialized vacuum cleaners with micro filters and thorough cleaning.

There is every reason to worry that asbestos microfibers may get to you. If you are not sure whether the removal of asbestos from the roof is carried out professionally, you can contact the regional hygiene station, which supervises the removal of asbestos materials, approves the work plan and issues permits for each action. Before commencing professional asbestos disposal, each specialist firm must inform the station of the start date of the work. If such works are not reported, the station must take action. In extreme cases, you can contact the police, who consider such conduct to be a threat to public health.

If you find that asbestos has been unprofessionally removed in your area (especially indoors) and you are concerned about the risk it poses, the area should be thoroughly cleaned. We can help you with that. We have all the necessary equipment, special vacuum cleaners with micro filters. If you want to be 100% sure that the space will be safe, we can finally perform control measurements and evaluate the concentration of respirable abrasive fibres.

This is definitely not recommended. The older the asbestos roof, the worse it is. After about 30 years, asbestos begins to weather, and dangerous particles get into the air. A small impact is enough to disrupt the disturbed material, and cancer-causing microfibers begin to swirl in your immediate surroundings. It gets caught on your skin, clothes and equipment. They enter the lungs by inhalation and can later cause cancer.

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