Asbestos disposal references

We dismantled asbestos facade panels from the polyclinic building. The reconstruction took place in close proximity to the grocery store and pharmacy, all while maintaining the normal operation of the clinic.

Disposal of asbestos from the roof of a family house

170 m2

The asbestos-containing roofing material was removed by hand in the least destructive way possible to prevent asbestos fibres from dusting into the air.

3 200 m2

Asbestos disposal was carried out in the centre of Prague under strict safety conditions. The asbestos remediation took place over 20 days.

Disposal of asbestos in underground cable collectors

65 m2

We removed the asbestos fill and replaced the electrical distribution trays themselves. We replaced the asbestos with certified material with fire-resistant and non-conductive properties.

2000 m2

It is forgotten that asbestos is not only found on roofs in the form of  asbestos-cement roofing but also on flat roofs as asphalt strips – bitumen roofing or cardboard.

6 200 m2

In Hradec Kralové we removed the entire composition of the painful façade panel including asbestos-containing materials.

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