Disposal of asbestos from the roof of a family house

Client: the inhabitant of the village
Hazard: dust from asbestos materials
Type of asbestos material: chrysotile
Location: family house, Středokluky
Area: 170 m2, 4 tons
Year of implementation: 2022

The asbestos-containing roofing material was removed  removed by hand in the least destructive way possible to prevent asbestos fibres from becoming airborne.

Remediation time: 3 working days – establishment of the controlled zone, removal of asbestos-containing materials, decontamination of the premises, removal of the controlled zone.

The asbestos roofing disposal work was carried out in an open controlled area using the following technological procedure:

  • penetration by certified means
  • the least destructive dismantling possible
  • careful packing of hazardous waste into impermeable bags
  • removal and disposal of asbestos waste at the nearest hazardous waste disposal site

From the moment the service is ordered, we take responsibility for the asbestos waste on behalf of the client. We are available to our clients from the initial free consultation and costing to the safe disposal of asbestos, cleaning of the premises and disposal of asbestos waste at the nearest hazardous waste site. Once the premises have been cleared of even the smallest asbestos particles, we will provide the client with all the necessary documents that are required, for example, for a building permit.

Removal of the original asbestos roof and any handling of asbestos-containing materials must only be carried out by a licensed company and the work must only be carried out by certified and medically competent operatives.

The waste can only be handled and disposed of by the dismantling company. The waste must be stabilised, and packed in an impermeable bag to prevent the further spread of dangerous asbestos particles into the air. The plastic packaging – sacks have a prescribed thickness and the marking ‘ATTENTION ASBEST’.

If ordered, the company is responsible for the waste, not the individual. Cooperation also with other professions such as plumbing and roofing – preventing damage caused by bad weather


Other projects

In Hradec Kralové we removed the entire composition of the painful façade panel including asbestos-containing materials.

Asbestos disposal was carried out in the centre of Prague under strict safety conditions. The asbestos remediation took place over 20 days.

We removed the asbestos fill and replaced the electrical distribution trays themselves. We replaced the asbestos with certified material with fire-resistant and non-conductive properties.

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