Façade reconstruction in Hradec Králové

Client: the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic
Place: the new premises of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the OU Department Building Hradec Králové
Area: 6 200 m2
Year: 1st stage 3 – 8 2020, 2nd stage 3 – 6 2021
Number of staff: 15

The fact that the investor opted for a building-technical survey, which revealed the presence of asbestos-containing materials, their exact quantity and location, saved costs and time. We also saved costs for investors by having unique controlled zones with the highest volume of extraction.

Composition of the Curtain Walls

In Hradec Králové we removed the entire composition of the Curtain Walls, including asbestos-containing materials. In this case, the composition of the Curtain Walls consisted of opal glass, 2x asbestos board, glass wool insulation + windows, window frames and aluminium mouldings.

Asbestos disposal procedure from the Curtain Walls

We have created a locked controlled zone with a monitored negative pressure of -15 to 20 Pa. The purpose of the controlled zone with such a negative pressure is to prevent asbestos micro particles from escaping into the surroundings during the remediation. We use superior high-performance extraction equipment with an extraction capacity of up to 40,000 kg. m3/hr. To achieve the required negative pressure, it is necessary to achieve a fivefold air exchange. On site, the equipment has been prepared with an extraction capacity of up to 60,000 m3 per hour. m3/hr.

There is currently any company on the market that can provide the same volume of extraction.  For this reason, there is no need to build several smaller controlled zones and the investor saves costs during the remediation work.

Stabilisation of asbestos fibres

Before disposal of asbestos, we stabilize asbestos-containing materials with certified penetrating agents. This is followed by the dismantling and packaging of asbestos waste in the prescribed packaging marked “attention asbestos”. The waste was disposed of at a certified landfill site – FCC Lodín.


Entry/exit to the controlled zone was only possible through a three-chamber personnel pass. Stabilized and packaged asbestos waste was removed from the building through the two-chamber material sluice where final decontamination of the waste bags takes place. These were placed in a large capacity container and once the container was filled, the asbestos waste was taken to a landfill.

Final control measurement

Following the completion of the works in the controlled zone, a measurement was carried out which showed that the remediation area was clean after the completion of the works. Only after the results of the measurement were obtained did we dismantle and dispose of the controlled area. 

15 trained professionals were working on the contract with up-to-date medical examinations. They used certified work equipment, with regular replacement prescribed.

Cooperation with other construction contractors was seamless, all required deadlines were met.

Other projects

Disposal of asbestos from the roof of a family house

The asbestos-containing roofing material was removed by hand in the least destructive way possible to prevent asbestos fibres from dusting into the air.

Asbestos disposal was carried out in the centre of Prague under strict safety conditions. The asbestos remediation took place over 20 days.

Disposal of asbestos in underground cable collectors

We removed the asbestos fill and replaced the electrical distribution trays themselves. We replaced the asbestos with certified material with fire-resistant and non-conductive properties.

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