Reconstruction of the District Court building in the centre of Prague

Client: buildings of the District Court for Prague 1
Place: Ovocní trh, Prague
Area: 3200 m2, 54 tons
Year: 2020

Asbestos removal from the roof during the reconstruction of the district court building in the centre of Prague.

The asbestos-containing roofing was removed by hand in the least destructive way possible to prevent asbestos fibres from dusting into the air.

Remediation time: 20 working days – establishment of the controlled zone, dismantling of asbestos-containing materials, decontamination of the premises, and removal of the controlled zone.

Before starting work with asbestos, an open controlled zone was created by stretching warning tape 1.5 m above the current ground around the affected building. Unauthorised persons were not allowed to enter the controlled area for the duration of the controlled area.

Only our personnel and PPE control were allowed in the controlled area.

In addition to our workers, there were also workers from other companies on site. The number of workers entering the controlled zone was limited to the minimum necessary for technological and organisational reasons, i.e. workers with asbestos and control.

When dismantling the individual plates, damage to the panels cannot be completely avoided, especially for its attachment. Therefore, the individual dismantled materials were encapsulated with the certified fixing agent A PENETRATION POWER (using airless equipment), thus preventing the fibres from escaping into the air when damaged.

All equipment, machinery, and packaged materials were cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with H13 filtration and a damp cloth to be disposed of with the AZC material upon completion of asbestos cement material removal.

Standard access to the zone was provided via a D CON three-chamber system.

Hazardous waste removal from the downtown area had to be coordinated as part of this contract.

Other projects

Disposal of asbestos from the roof of a family house

The asbestos-containing roofing material was removed by hand in the least destructive way possible to prevent asbestos fibres from dusting into the air.

Disposal of asbestos in underground cable collectors

We removed the asbestos fill and replaced the electrical distribution trays themselves. We replaced the asbestos with certified material with fire-resistant and non-conductive properties.

In Hradec Kralové we removed the entire composition of the painful façade panel including asbestos-containing materials.

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